Idaho KYCH

Idaho Priory #13

Knights of the York Cross of Honour

Boise, Idaho

Chartered May 13, 1941

Knights of the York Grand Cross of Honour

The Distinction of Knight of the York Grand Cross of Honour is awarded to those members who have served as presiding officer of a Grand York Rite body, receiving one Quadrant for each body served. (Note: The Blue background denotes a Past Prior, the Red background denotes a Past Convent General Officer, and the Purple background denotes a Past Grand Master General.)

1st QuadrantChapter2012 
2nd QuadrantCouncil2014 
3rd QuadrantCommandery2015 
1st QuadrantLodge2012 
2nd QuadrantCouncil2022 
1st Quadrant Chapter 2004
2nd Quadrant Commandery 2007
3rd Quadrant Lodge 2008
1st Quadrant Council 2004 6237
2nd Quadrant Chapter 2005 6383
1st QuadrantChapter19985448
2nd QuadrantCommandery20015711
3rd QuadrantCouncil20107034
1st Quadrant Chapter 2004 6238
2nd Quadrant Council 2006 6541
3rd Quadrant Commandery 2011 7299
4th Quadrant Lodge 2017 8062
1st Quadrant Chapter 1972
2nd Quadrant Council 1978
3rd Quadrant Lodge 1993
1st QuadrantChapter1988 
2nd QuadrantCommandery1993 
3rd QuadrantCouncil1996 
1st Quadrant Lodge 1930
2nd Quadrant Chapter 1942
3rd Quadrant Commandery 1947
4th Quadrant Council 1955
1st Quadrant Chapter 2015 7838
2nd Quadrant Council 2017 8060
1st QuadrantChapter20107205
2nd QuadrantCommandery20157841
3rd QuadrantCouncil20178058
1st QuadrantCouncil1985 
2nd QuadrantChapter1992 
3rd QuadrantCommandery1994 
1st QuadrantCommandery1951 
2nd QuadrantCouncil1954 
3rd QuadrantLodge1955 
4th QuadrantChapter1958 
1st Quadrant Council 2005 6382
2nd Quadrant Commandery 2007 6669
3rd Quadrant Chapter 2009 7036
1st QuadrantCouncil20188177
2nd QuadrantLodge20208340
3rd QuadrantChapter20238723
1st Quadrant Chapter 1962
2nd Quadrant Lodge 1964
3rd Quadrant Commandery 1968
4th Quadrant Council 1969
1st Quadrant Commandery 2002
2nd Quadrant Lodge 2006 6492
3rd Quadrant Council 2009 6796
4th Quadrant Chapter 2013 7514
1st Quadrant Council 2004 6381
2nd Quadrant Commandery 2006 7673
3rd Quadrant Chapter 2014
1st Quadrant Lodge 1977
2nd Quadrant Council 1977
3rd Quadrant Commandery 1980
4th Quadrant Chapter 1986
1st QuadrantCouncil20157839
2nd QuadrantChapter20178061
3rd QuadrantCommandery20228590
4th QuadrantLodge20248722
1st QuadrantCouncil (CO)2008 
1st Quadrant Commandery 2018 8176
1st QuadrantChapter20086667
2nd QuadrantLodge20117298
3rd QuadrantCouncil20137516
4th QuadrantCommandery20147972
1st Quadrant Commandery 1985
2nd Quadrant Lodge 1987
3rd Quadrant Chapter 1989
4th Quadrant Council 1995
1st QuadrantCommandery20178059
2nd QuadrantLodge20188175
3rd QuadrantChapter2020 
1st Quadrant Commandery 2005
1st Quadrant Chapter 2018 8178
2nd Quadrant Council 2020 8390
1st QuadrantCommandery2019 
1st Quadrant Council 1991
1st Quadrant Council 1999
1st Quadrant Council 2008 6668
2nd Quadrant Commandery 2013 7513
3rd Quadrant Chapter 2019 8341
1st QuadrantCommandery20107202
2nd QuadrantLodge20147675
3rd QuadrantCouncil20167940
4th QuadrantChapter20228592
1st Quadrant Chapter 1977
2nd Quadrant Commandery 1988
3rd Quadrant Council 1988
1st QuadrantCommandery20097035
2nd QuadrantCouncil20107201


1st Quadrant Council 2001
2nd Quadrant Lodge 2009
1st QuadrantCouncil20198342
2nd QuadrantCommandery20208481
3rd QuadrantChapter20218516
1st Quadrant Chapter 1983
2nd Quadrant Commandery 1989
3rd Quadrant Council 1991
1st QuadrantLodge2023 
1st QuadrantChapter20167941
2nd QuadrantCouncil20218518
3rd QuadrantCommandery20238725
1st QuadrantCouncil20238726
1st QuadrantCommandery2021 
1st QuadrantChapter2011 
2nd QuadrantCouncil2012 
3rd QuadrantCommandery20167957

** Deceased

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